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How to learn Chigong ?

Many people ask "is Chigong easy to learn?" The answer is yes. It is really really easy. The most important is to keep practice through lifetime.

A common Chigong training is to regulate your breath, relax your body, get rid of your thoughts and empty your mind. When you can do these, you have learned Chigong. Here below are some simple but useful Chigong arts. You can start to learn and practice them. If you keep practice for weeks, you will feel different and you will noticed what happen inside your body.

1. Body Breathing art

Here we introduce you a very important breathing technique. It is called body breathing. It means you breathe through your body, through the pores over your body. Breathe slowly, when you breathe in, imagine all the healthy Chi (air, positive energy) from the universe coming into your body through the pores all over your skin. When you breathe out , imagine all the ill Chi (the negative energy) is emitting out through the pores all over your skin to the far distance. You can apply this breathing technique in you daily life such as jogging, walking and even sleeping.

2. Arrow Finger Trunk

Trunk means you stand like a trunk but with your legs bent to certain extent. Trunk is the basic in Chigong training. There are many different trunk styles in Chigong. Here introduced a unique and powerful one: Stand loosely with your knees bent slightly. Place your feet your shoulder width and lift your hands forward horizontally, make your fingers a arrow, keep your mind on the tips of your fingers. When you breathe in, contract your lower abdomen and when you breathe out, release your lower abdomen. Practice this 20 minutes or more each day and Keep doing this for a few weeks, you will be delighted to feel what will happen inside your body.

3. Shaking Art

Stand loosely with your knees bent slightly. Place your feet your shoulder width with your hands down naturally. Shaking your body up and down for a few minutes then stand still, imagine all the negative things in your body are moving down to your legs, your feet and into the ground. Keep for a few minutes.

4. Whole Body Patting Art

Patting means using your hands to pat your body, everywhere from your head to your legs. The procedures are described below:

Rob your hands, rob your face with your hands, scratch your head with your fingers, pat your head with your hands, rob your ears, pat your arms, pat your chest and back, pat your lower abdomen and lower back, bend your waist and pat your kidneys, pat your legs, put your hands on your knees and rotate nine circles, move your feet. The whole procedures may take 20 minutes to 30 minutes. This simple practice can keep your body from any illness if you keep doing it every day.



Arrow Finger Trunk

Jogging with body breathing

Shaking art

?Whole Body Patting Art