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The Basic Healing Program

Master Peter Yue offers the Basic Universal Chigong Program all over the world. The basic program contains a central portion which is called Body Universe Circulation, the essence of the Ancient Chinese Tao Chigong. Other auxiliary arts include Arrow Finger Trunk, Pupa Moving Art, Shaking Art, Sleeping Art, Both Through Art and etc.

For those who cannot attend Master Yue's class or workshop, the learning package of the program is available for purchase. The self training package includes a set of four audio CDs and a vidio CD and a booklet. With these easy to follow instruction materials, no one find any difficulty in practicing the Chigong arts in the program at home.

This self learning package is also available online. You will get a downloan information when your payment is received. The fee for this download is US$15. If you want to buy the CDs, The price is US$65 plus US$10 for shipment. The other option is to start with the four arts introduced on this wetsite. It is free and it is a good preparation for the central portion and a good start with Universal Chigong.

To pay for the package, please use Paypal to send money to Dr. Yue's paypal account using his email address listed on the right. The link of Paypal is here below for your convenience.





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